Extracts From Noah's Diary

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A century ago, a little-known writer named Mark Twain wrote a silly novella called Extracts from Adam’s Diary. It imagined the recorded daily life of the first man. Two years later, Mr. Twain’s wife passed away, and he wrote a melancholy follow-up with Eve as the imagined diarist. Together, these stories were published as The Diaries of Adam & Eve. A century later, a well known writer named Martin Bodek enjoyed the books, discovered that Twain left the concept for another to pick up where he left off, and decided to give it a try. Yes, he's that arrogant, he's written a sequel for Mark Twain. 

Praise for this book

I had so much fun reading this book and may have accidentally learned from it along the way. Would definitely recommend it. Enjoy!
This is a delightful read of the story of Noah. Gives you a more in depth review of his life. You learn new things from different perspectives.
I might be prejudiced because I'm in the dedication, but it is funny and very well-researched take on the life and times of Noah. A little mind-blowing to learn that he was still around when Abraham was alive.
A humorous account of biblical and historic events, brilliantly crafted and turned into prose. A fun read for all.
"Extracts from Noah's Diary" is a historically accurate bible-proof account of Noah's journey .... well... through the flood and the events that followed. Told from the unique perspective of Noah, this book had me laughing but also wondering, in awe. Bodek does a great job at capturing the magnitude of the great flood. From a literary perspective, the tale is clever. From a scholarly perspective, a creative endeavor. From a biblical perspective, a great way to bring to earth a text unordinarily read. Written in clear language, this story will have you thinking like a scholar, laughing like a child, and intrigued. Glad I picked this book up.
Really enjoyed reading it. Very cleverly written. In addition to the humor, it is a great scholarly resource for learning about Noah in accordance with traditional Jewish biblical sources. The author clearly is an expert on the traditional view of the life of Noah.
Interesting, Funny. Informative. And it has my name in the credits!
Overall I enjoyed the book very much, and really appreciate the author's taking the time to do this research and giving it to us for the price of three coffees.