This Haggadah is the Way: A Star Wars Unofficial Passover Parody

Darth Seders have been going on for years, and the time had come for a proper text to accompany the evening (or two, in the diaspora). Enter Martin Bodek, SuperUberMegaHyperUltraFan.

Trailer: A long time ago in a haggadah far, far away....


YU Seforim Sale, New York, NY: Martin Bodek to Speak At YU Seforim Sale

Congregation Or Shalom,...

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Zaidy's War: Four Armies, Three Continents, Two Brothers. One Man's Impossible Story of Endurance

Benzion Malik was on a path of discovery. He was keen to learn about everything in life through the teachings of his faith and only something cataclysmic could throw him off this course. In 1939, the 21-year-old Benzion was called up to the Romanian Army. Little did he know that he would not be a free man until 1945.

During six long years,...

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The Shakespeare Haggadah

It be the Passover Haggadah, as Shakespeare would hast writ it, hadst the idea occurred to him.

Art thee a teenager? Most wondrous. How about a tweenager? Coequal better. Readeth this while the stodgy grownups and fartuous children readeth the haggadot, catered only to those folk—until now.

Thou canst useth this as an actual Haggadah too, as the...

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Donald J. Trump Will You Please Go Now!

The time has come. The time is now. He has to go. Go. GO! We don't care how. He can go by plane to Curacao. Donald J. Trump, has to go now. And so on. Martin Bodek has an abiding interest in politics, likes to write books (obviously), is Dr. Seuss's biggest fan, and his wife has been after him for years to write a children's book. Nailed the...

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The Coronavirus Haggadah

Until a vaccine arrives, & until all comply with self-isolating & distancing, the only thing left to battle the 11th plague of coronavirus is humor. That's all we have. So enjoy around the Passover table, & may we return to the Old Normal soon. Amen. All proceeds go to whom the book is dedicated: for all those in the trenches. Note:...

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The Festivus Haggadah

This Festivus Haggadah uses the classic haggadah as its template, and fuses as much of the Seinfeld canon - and particularly, the curious details of the Festivus holiday - as possible into it. It's a tribute, an homage, a comedic fusion, and something you can enjoy around the Festivus or Passover table. Two holidays, for the low price of one.


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The Emoji Haggadah

Emojis are the hieroglyphics of the 21st century, so have a blast deciphering the traditional Haggadah text written in a most untraditional format - entirely in emojis! Tips for decoding are included at the end of The Emoji Haggadah, along with the full traditional Hebrew and English Haggadah text.


New Jersey Jewish News: The...

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Extracts From Noah's Diary

A century ago, a little-known writer named Mark Twain wrote a silly novella called Extracts from Adam’s Diary. It imagined the recorded daily life of the first man. Two years later, Mr. Twain’s wife passed away, and he wrote a melancholy follow-up with Eve as the imagined diarist. Together, these stories were published as The Diaries of Adam...

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54 Runners, 54 Stories: The Tale of the 2012 200k JRunners Relay Race

This book details the adventure of the 3rd iteration of the famed JRunners Relay Race, in which Martin Bodek coaxed each of the runners to detail the race from their perspective. No other running book has ever brought the points of view from each participant in a race. Also included are runner inputs from the first two editions of the race, a...

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A Conversation on the Way

A dialogue between two friends on the way to synagogue on matters concerning God, religion, evolution, science, knowledge, ignorance, truth, faith and skepticism. 

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The Year of Bad Behavior: Bearing Witness to the Uncouthiest of Humanity

Martin Bodek spent a year encountering the nose-pickers, nail-clippers, cellphone-yappers, lane cut-offers, people who stand akimbo, child slappers, personal space invaders, stores that have cashiers who can't decipher coupons, customer service idiots, the rude, the people who need BlackBerry helmets, line cutters, public masturbators, escalator...

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Bush II, Book I

The New Old Testament

This book is the King James Version of the first term of George W. Bush's presidency.

Get it? No? Well, general narrative samples include:

• The transfer of power from Clinton to Bush, which appropriates the narrative of Moses passing the leadership to Joshua.

• Bush's overseas visits, which uses the narrative of the Israelites moving from place to...

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