The Coronavirus Haggadah

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Until a vaccine arrives, & until all comply with self-isolating & distancing, the only thing left to battle the 11th plague of coronavirus is humor. That's all we have. So enjoy around the Passover table, & may we return to the Old Normal soon. Amen. All proceeds go to whom the book is dedicated: for all those in the trenches. Note: formatting might be imperfect, due to the rush to get this out before Passover 2020. 


Jewish Vues: Pesach Edition, Pages 80-81

NY Jewish Week: Elijah’s Quarantined in This Haggadah

The New York Times: The Rise of the D.I.Y. Haggadah The Marvel Cinematic Haggadah and other Passover tales: Authors reimagine a revered text


Praise for this book

Was literally LOL at multiple points while reading this. The ROFL was almost literal a couple times too...(And hey, I just found out one of my brothers went to college with the author. So that's cool too!)