The Festivus Haggadah

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This Festivus Haggadah uses the classic haggadah as its template, and fuses as much of the Seinfeld canon - and particularly, the curious details of the Festivus holiday - as possible into it. It's a tribute, an homage, a comedic fusion, and something you can enjoy around the Festivus or Passover table. Two holidays, for the low price of one. 

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Praise for this book

Hi, I'm Dave Cowen, the writer of The Yada Yada Haggadah, and I don't know Martin Bodek so he didn't ask me to write this, but I highly recommend his new Festivus Haggadah!!! Martin takes the tradition of Seinfeld parody Haggadot to new levels of holiness and hilarity. With his encyclopedic Seinfeld knowledge, and probably legally more sound citation method, not to mention the brilliance of his Moses-like vision to combine Passover with Festivus, Bodek is a legend and a hero in the growing parody Haggadah market. Here's to more and more and more and more Haggadahs, Seinfeld, Emoji, Trump and otherwise. Passover Season here we come!
I'm Sam Reinstein, the author of "The Haggadah about Nothing" and I was really impressed with Bodek's in depth knowledge of Seinfeld. If you are a big Seinfeld fan you will be too. It is so thorough in its references that you will be shocked and chagrined! Mortified and stupefied! The Festivus Haggadah is a ton of fun for Seinfeld fans. You can't use it as a Haggadah at the Seder, but you'll have a blast reading it any time of the year.
Bodek's books always have a unique viewpoint and they all tell an interesting story. The Festivus Hagaddah again delivers on that timely topic with the unique point of view: taking the holiday to new heights by injecting it with a faux religious flavor. The points are poignant and interesting, and may actually make you want to "celebrate" Festivus. For those who love Seinfeld and Festivus, this is your book.
Sweet fancy Moses, With this book, when you take IT out, you get serenity now, because it's real, and it's spectacular, and if you don't read it, I'm gonna have a real problem with you people. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
How Bodek knows this much about Seinfeld minutia I have no idea but if you too love the show you’ll love this book. Enjoy it.
I read the book and yada yada yada, I really enjoyed it. If your are a Seinfeld lover, it's for you.