The Shakespeare Haggadah

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It be the Passover Haggadah, as Shakespeare would hast writ it, hadst the idea occurred to him.

Art thee a teenager? Most wondrous. How about a tweenager? Coequal better. Readeth this while the stodgy grownups and fartuous children readeth the haggadot, catered only to those folk—until now.

Thou canst useth this as an actual Haggadah too, as the full Hebrew text be on the left, and Shakespeare's rendering be on the right. So it readeth right, which sounds like it should beest the opposite, but it be not as confusing as thou mayest thinketh. 

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Praise for this book

Hi, I'm Dave Cowen, the author of four other Haggagahs. So trust me when I say that Martin, who is also the author of four other Haggadahs, knows how to write good ones, too! I'm not a Shakespearean scholar but I am a spiritual humorist, and it feels like Martin nailed that part of the equation quite well, like he did with the Emoji Haggadah, the Festivus Haggadah, and the Coronavirus Haggadah. 5 stars!
This was delightful for those of us who enjoy Shakespeare. Showed a great deal of innovation.
My tweens loved this book! Yes, its Shakespearean English is not entirely grammatical and yes it's not written in iambic pentameter, but it caters directly to the humor of a good subset of bookish Jewish teens, it has 433 references to Shakespeare's plays, and each English page faces the Hebrew original. Also, the translation of Chad Gadya was brilliant!
One of the kids just started Shakespeare in high school, so this Haggadah couldn’t come at a better time! Fun, engaging, tongue-in-cheek insight into familiar text made for a worthy addition of our family Haggadot! Thank you!
I recently had the pleasure of reading "The Shakespeare Haggadah" by Martin Bodek and it was an incredible experience. Bodek seamlessly weaves together the worlds of Shakespeare and the Passover Haggadah, creating a work of art that is both insightful and entertaining. The attention to detail and depth are impressive, and the illustrations add an extra layer of beauty to the book. As a lover of Shakespeare and also Jewish, I found this book to be a perfect blend of the two. Whether you're a literary enthusiast or just looking for a fresh take on the Haggadah, 'The Shakespeare Haggadah' is a must-read. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to delve deeper into the rich traditions of Judaism and the works of William Shakespeare.
As both a Shakespeare snob and the veteran of 50+ years of Sedarim now, I have to say this is my absolute favorite Haggadah. I was blessed to read an advance pre-publication copy of THE SHAKESPEARE HAGGADAH and absolutely love it. I predict this will be the "it" Haggadah of 2023. Buy two copies because this elegant paperback is the ideal gift for your Seder host and is great fun to have on your own table for guests to choose from...Most highly recommended!
If you will be attending a Passover Seder, this book is for you. THE SHAKESPEARE HAGGADAH is the perfect host/hostess gift — wine will be gone that night, flowers will be dead within a week, the family will have this haggadah in their collection for generations...If you will be hosting a Passover Seder, this book is for you. What better way to welcome guests and ensure a fun and comfortable evening for everyone than having a variety of haggadot for people to choose from? Of course, you have a few copies of the Maxwell House Haggadah — you have to! At this point in Jewish American history, the Maxwell House Haggadah is as integral to the Pesach experience as Zaidy's Kiddush cup, Bubbie's brisket, and Manishewitz Matzah. But you likely have some other versions of the Haggadah, you really ought to! Options include heavily illustrated versions for children, scholarly editions with pages of fascinating commentary, and some fun versions that are also 100% kosher, including THE FESTIVUS HAGGADAH and THE EMOJI HAGGADAH, which are both by Martin Bodek, the author of THE SHAKESPEARE HAGGADAH. Just as you'll have a variety of wine and grape juice on your table, offer your participants the opportunity to choose their own Seder adventure through their haggadah...Stop reading reviews and go buy a few copies of THE SHAKESPEARE HAGGADAH!...(The stage directions are everything.)
Such a clever witty and charming addition to the very crowded field of alternative 'Haggadot'...Very much looking forward to using it at our own Seder night. I recommend each family buys several so that you can join them all in on the experience!