This Haggadah is the Way: A Star Wars Unofficial Passover Parody

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Darth Seders have been going on for years, and the time had come for a proper text to accompany the evening (or two, in the diaspora). Enter Martin Bodek, SuperUberMegaHyperUltraFan. 

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Praise for this book

As a bit of a Star Wars nerd, I can confidently say this Haggadah is a masterpiece.
Martin Bodek is back with another parody Haggadah! This time he digs deep into the lore and mythology of Star Wars and parodies it humorously and wholeheartedly. While I'm not the most knowledgeable about the movies or shows, you can tell Bodek really knows the subject he's employing as a teaching tool for Judaism. I believe a lot of children and adults would enjoy having this Haggadah at the Seder table as something to read through together or keep them interested during a traditional reading. Congrats Martin on Haggadah #5!
Mr. Bodek, the Jedi Master of Haggadah parody, has created this Haggadah which is worth its weight in Coaxium! Starting from the clever Star Wars-inspired seder plate at the start of the Haggadah and ending with the “One Droid” adaptation of Chad Gadya to close the seder experiences, Mr. Bodek takes us on a Star Wars adventure that, dare I say, parallels the adventure the Jews experienced when leaving Egypt. Allowing participants to achieve true fulfillment of the recreation of the Exodus experience on the Seder night!...While I can go on about all the Star Wars references used as “translations” of the classic Haggadah text (e.g. wine: bantha milk, matzah: polystarch puffbreads) and likely better understood by those more proficient in the Star Wars universe than I, the philosophical and spiritual depth of many of these are what really struck a chord. Take, for example, how Mr. Bodek “translated” the text of blessings: “Blessed are You, the Force our Guide, Binding Agent of the universe…..” This explanation is deeply profound and adds a level of spirituality for someone reading the blessing, even in the classic Hebrew text. This highlights Mr. Bodek’s undoubtable goal of using parody to elevate the seder in both a fun, engaging, and spiritual way...For those who dress up at their seder (i.e. as Pharoah), might I encourage you to break out your cosplay costumes and come as the Emperor, Yoda, or your favorite Star Wars character, thereby lending a galactic flare to the Seder night!!...Thank you Mr. Bodek, err... Marbo Mabro, for creating this masterwork which truly transports us to a long time ago and a galaxy far, far away!!
Hello there. Somehow, Martin Bodek returned! Don’t underestimate his power. He is the chosen one...My padawan is obsessed with this. I hope I can find KlP blue milk.